Mission of the Alumni Association

Just as SRI International brings together a wide variety of skilled, dedicated professionals, the SRI Alumni Association aims to help alumni maintain those ties with each other and to SRI. Our Steering Committee also helps catalog and store important parts of SRI history. Learn more about our association and the benefits we offer to our members.

Our Charter

Purpose: To promote interactions with SRI and other alumni for mutual benefit.

Vision: Alumni interacting with SRI staff by providing institutional memory, mentoring, and other support, as well as by participating in meetings and social occasions.

Structure and Activities

Membership: All SRI alumni and spouses are eligible for membership. Membership is free the first year. After that, a small annual membership fee enables the Association to be self-supporting. Fees and donations are primarily used to pay for publication and mailing costs, and for the Spring Fling and Annual Reunions. All officers of the Association serve on a volunteer, non-compensated basis. The committee prepares an annual financial statement published each year in the April issue of the member newsletter.

Organization: The SRI Alumni Association is an official SRI organization. Activities are directed by a steering committee of alumni representatives who work with SRI’s vice president of human resources. The steering committee meets at least quarterly but usually on a monthly basis. Committee members nominally serve for three years but may serve longer if a suitable replacement cannot be identified and the member agrees to serve. Inactive committee members may be removed by a majority vote of the committee.

Communications: Association members will be kept informed of SRI and alumni news and activities through periodic mailings and/or emails.

Social Occasions: All SRI Alumni Association members are invited to the Annual Meeting, which is normally held on a business day to facilitate contact between members and staff. Other social occasions may be arranged by association members.

Use of SRI Resources: The association has access to SRI resources for communication with members. The association pays for paper and postage charges. Individual SRI alumni do not have access to SRI or its resources for personal use.

Archives. The association stores important areas of SRI history, including SRI research journals and staff publications, phone books and annual reports, and all photographic material up to the start of digital photography. Our archives are home to thousands of items. To learn more about how SRI has influenced numerous industries and society, see the SRI Timeline of Innovation. If you have any photographs, documents, reports or other interesting and historically important SRI materials, please contact us. We also welcome assistance in organizing and refining our print and photographic collection at the SRI headquarters in Menlo Park.

SRI Golf Club. The SRI Golf Club enjoys monthly golf tournaments at different courses around the Bay Area, a Tuesday twilight league during the summer months at a local course (currently Moffett Field), occasional special events such as a golf week in Hawaii, and a year-end club banquet. Membership consists of men and women of all skill levels who enjoy golf and camaraderie. Membership is open to all SRI staff and family, alumni and their friends. Annual dues include membership in the Northern California Golf Association. Join the SRI Golf Club.

SRI Federal Credit Union. The SRI Federal Credit Union provides SRI staff members and alumni with convenient, low-cost, full service banking activities. For more information, contact the SRI Federal Credit Union.